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Adams - One of the Best News Magazine WordPress Themes
We provide the best news magazine WordPress themes for you to help you to choose the best for your own website, some of them belongs to Serpentsoft itself  and others belongs to a great designers around the world. We choose the following themes according to some factors to provide the best elite of popular WordPress news and magazine themes, on the other hand the themes we provide have a great performance, and a lot of features which will make you to setup your website easily in a few minutes.

Every theme has an Options Panel with a lot of options helping you to customize your website easily and it depends on theme’s developer which mean you will see a lot of differences between themes you visit because every developer has his own ideas, So you should make a compare between the themes you liked and decide which one you want to buy it.

What is the WordPress

WordPress is a framework built by PHP programming language which help beginners to make their own websites easily and safely and also professional users count on it because it’s the easiest way to create create website without worries about hacking as well as WordPress enable professional developers to develop a stand-alone application called Plugin some of them is free and other for extra charge which facilitate your life, you can install it safely and easily with ability to uninstall it anytime without worry about losing any of your data.

BuddyPress & bbPress

BuddyPress and bbPress are two different plugins but they complementary to each other, BuddyPress let you enable registration through your site and visitors become your clients and you can specify their Roles so some of them cannot add posts and other could be Admins as well as you can enable friendship between users to send message to each other on the other hand bbPress provide a forum for your visitors and let them add their own posts of course you can manage them and put some restrictions.


E-Commerce mean that you can view your own products or others to sell it online safely and securely, One of the most popular plugins is WooCommerce which provide the best methods of payment like Skrill, PayPal, AmazonPayments and others, WooCommerce is powering over 30% of all online shops because of its security and customer support it always upgrade its framework and solve the security issues permanently.


The WordPress Multilingual Plugin or WPML is the best solution to show your blog in multi languages so with only one WordPress copy (One folder on the server) you can add many posts with in many languages easily, Just create a post in your mother language and create another one in (lets say) French language then refer the new post to the one written on your mother language, you can create many posts in other languages and refer it to your main post. Now when your client choose they suitable language from menu at Homepage they redirect into their language.

 Now … Explore The Best News and Magazine WordPress Themes



Adams - One of The Best News Magazine WordPress ThemesLayout .. Adams is one of the Serpentsoft themes which has a very special aroma than the others, it comes with two main layout Two Sidebars and One Sidebar as you like you can switch between them very easily and even you can make the homepage with couple sidebars and posts with one sidebar and you can increase your advertisements CTR with a static sidebar feature which make sidebars fixed on the bottom when you scroll to down and fixed on the top when scrolling up so you can put an advertisement widgets at the bottom so visitors will see them always on scrolling page another feature make Adams one of the best news magazine WordPress themes is User Ratings, Adams comes with a Review System included ability to let users rate your own products or others like Cell Phones, Laptop or Monitors so you can add some of factors for product and let your clients rate it from their perspective not only that but you can order the best user ratings and view it in homepage boxes or even in widgets.

Mega Menu .. is one of the most desired features which let you display some of important posts in the menu make it easy to reach for users as well as you can build a mega menu with ordinary menu items using one line of Shortcode let you display more than 25 items in one item ordered perfectly in columns.

WPML .. Adams is fully compatible with WPML plugin passed all tests from WPML.ORG so you can count on it for make your website multilingual just create the main WordPress copy in your mother language and create many posts in many languages just refer to the main post. Get your copy now

Responsiveness and Retina .. Adams deserve to be one of the best news magazine WordPress themes because of its amazing features, responsiveness make your website working on mobile devices looks very well and easy to reach your articles as well as retina feature display an awesome sharpness icons and images on retina devices.